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About PLEŽUH – history!

Over 200 years old PLEŽUH is one of the oldest snow-sledges in the world.plezuh star cca 150 let
Its origins are in Selnica near Maribor in Slovenian Drava valley.
For the past 10 years Country club Selnica is successfully preserving and presenting PLEŽUH as a part of important national heritage.
It is a traditional means of transport wich has been in use more than 200 years, being an important part of Slovenian etnnological trasury.
Many sleigh-riding parties and races had been organized and well attended in these years, with sometimes up to 200 competitors and over 1.000 visitors, enjoying attractive and entertaining event, which is becoming very popular in Slovenian region of Styria.

So why don’t you try?

The Slowenia times, Februar 2009 | Vse pravice so pridržane. | Piškotki